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With great appreciation for everybody involved, we are pleased to say that Light For The Flight: Volume II was a great success. This year we surpassed our goals and raised triple what we did last year for thyroid cancer!

Huge thanks to our sponsors: CMW (Canadian Music Week), The NHL (National Hockey League), TSO (Toronto Symphony Orchestra), Gibson Guitars, Everyday Office Supplies, Humber College and C’est What.  Also, to our artists: Andrew Austin, Brad Fillatre, After Runnymede, Mike Celia w/Blaze, Manelli Jamal, and last minute performers Janey Brown and Calum Graham!!  As I playback the videos, I am so overwhelmed by the copious amounts of talent we had that night, wow!  Videos will be posted soon.

Massive thanks to Milos Paprica for filming the showcase and providing us with some pretty amazing footage to share; Sofija Theodorou for all her promotional work and managing the other event volunteers Zara Nawazada, Tommy Li-Duong and Justin Obradovic from Humber College; Kelly Menezes for coordinating our auction table; Adam Faux for doing the killer sound; all the amazing staff / bartenders at C’est What… and to each and every single person that bid on auction items or were simply in attendance, THANK YOU!

Together, we raised $1,500.00 for Thyroid Cancer Canada… and more importantly, came another step closer to exposing the culprits responsible for the steady growth in thyroid cancer!  Stay tuned for information regarding VOL III  :)

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