niki-staplesFounded in 2012 by Nicole RichardLight For The Flight (LFTF) is an organization that, with the help of talented artists, hosts music showcases to help raise awareness about Thyroid Cancer. All proceeds go to Thyroid Cancer Canada, a Canadian registered charity that supports people affected by Thyroid Cancer.

In August 2011, on her 30th birthday, Nicole was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. There were two tumors on her thyroid that had spread to nearby lymph nodes.  Three months later she had a Total Thyroidectomy as well as a Left and Central Radical Neck Dissection.  Nicole knew nothing about her illness so she sought council and discovered Thyroid Cancer Canada. This is when the facts came to light and shortly thereafter, with the help of Christien Paul, she was inspired to launch Light For The Flight.

The name Light For The Flight is derived from the thyroid cancer community whereby the image of a butterfly is shaped similarly to the thyroid. Nicole’s treatment involved the removal of her thyroid which is symbolic of a butterfly leaving and taking flight.  For Nicole, light refers to finding comfort and optimism during dark times which is done through music. Her experience as a member of Thyroid Cancer Canada is also an enlightening and invaluable source of comfort.

tcc-logo_colourThyroid Cancer Canada (TCC) is working towards creating an environment in which people who are dealing with thyroid cancer, especially the newly diagnosed, are met with support and information.  TCC draws on the medical community to provide a consistent and high standard of support for all individuals dealing with the disease.

TCC’s goals & objectives include facilitating communication among thyroid cancer patients, providing credible information about the disease, providing emotional support, and assisting thyroid cancer patients with voicing their needs to health care professionals and those who are responsible for health care policy.

For more information and to stay connected with TCC, sign up here!  Membership is FREE.  You will receive seasonal newsletters and be notified of upcoming events in your community.

Logo_CanadaHelpsIf you would like to donate directly to TCC and receive an immediate tax receipt, you can do so through Canada Helps. (Type Thyroid Cancer Canada in the search box, click on the profile, click DONATE NOW, and please choose Light For The Flight under the fund/designation section, then follow the instructions.